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Forming Study Groups

7 Steps to Forming a Successful Study Group

  1. Decide on a regular meeting time and place.
    Call it a Breakfast Club or Learning Lunch or whatever fits your corporate culture. But set the dates ahead of time and have everyone block out their calendars.
  2. Use the GCDMP: Good Clinical Data Management Practices document
    Divide the chapters among people in the study group.
  3. Apply the Jigsaw Method of Teaching and Learning
    What is the Jigsaw Method?

    Each person in a group teaches the whole group about their assigned area of expertise. Learners are then assessed on what they have learned from each expert. Team members must collaborate to accomplish a common goal; each person depends on all the others. This "cooperation by design" facilitates interaction among all students in the group, leading them to value each other as contributors to their common goal.
    Here's how to apply it.
    Each person is responsible for: a) reviewing their assigned GCDMP chapter, b) identifying the key information, c) creating and presenting a slide presentation, d) facilitating a discussion on that chapter, and e) writing at least 3 questions that could potentially be asked on the exam.
    Distribute the slides to the group a few days before the meeting so that people in the group can review them in advance and prepare questions for discussion.
  4. Review 2 to 3 chapters each meeting.
  5. Bring in additional resources.
    Encourage everyone to bring in other references besides the GCDMP document. Go to the SCDM Education Web Portal “Media Store” to find additional resources. The SCDM Certification Candidate Handbook is also a useful tool. Examine the list of domains that are assessed by the CCDM exam available on the Education Web Portal Certification Preparation page.
  6. Tap internal experts.
    Invite people with expert knowledge from your company to address the topics being presented. They are a rich (and free) source of information.
  7. Invite CCDM’s to your meetings.
    Ask Certified Clinical Data Managers to join your group for a Q&A session. They’ve been through the certification experience and can be helpful by pointing you to resources as well as allaying any fears.

Sources: Bettie Neal, PharmaNet and retrieved 10/14/08.