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Session IIIA: Leadership Sequence: Managing the Clinical Data Manager

Leadership is tough! Managing people isn't like managing data; there is no handbook. To be a successful manager and leader it takes proper preparation, training, mentoring and clear communication along the way.

Experienced personnel managers have the tools needed to transition into leadership roles and to manage those challenges without feeling uncomfortable. In this session, you will hear four individuals in differing CDM roles discuss their unique perspectives of that transition process. Walk away with thought-provoking ideas about how to transition yourself, your co-workers, and perhaps even your entire department into better leaders. Learn to do more with less.

Session Chair:
Marysasser Holloway, CCDM, Senior Director of Data and Analytical Services, ClinForce, LLC

Leadership Challenges and Strategies for Accelerating Change in CDM Organizations

Sandy Imboden, Director, Data Management, i3 Statprobe

Climbing the Ladder- Preparing CDM Leaders
Shannon Hargreaves, Lead Clinical Data Manager, ReSearch Pharmaceutical Services
Greg Matts, Manager, CDM, ReSearch Pharmaceutical Services

Developing the Clinical Data Manager to Manage Others
Vladimir Penkrat, Associate Director, Data Management Operations, Hoffman-La Roche

Learning Objectives

  • The audience will be able to define a desired change in the organization using the “3 Ds.”
  • The audience will be able to identify ways in which you can develop the experienced data managers in your CDM department to be considered for elevation to a leadership role or appointment to a management position within your department.
  • The audience will be able to identify challenges that a lead CDM might face when making the transition to a resource management role associated with transition to a leadership role.
  • The audience will be able to identify 3 barriers to the transition process that must be addressed by leadership.
  • The audience will be able to identify 3 activities which strengthen team structures.

Continuing Education Credit
Attendees are eligible to receive CEUs upon attendance and successful completion of assessment questions. SCDM is authorized by IACET to offer 0.2 CEUs for this program.