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Cancer Biology for CDMs


Almost all oncology clinical trials include biological correlatives as secondary or tertiary objectives. It is not always intuitive how these biological correlatives relate to the oncology clinical trial or how they were originally linked to cancer. This webinar will examine three biological correlatives SRC, RAS and p53.
The historical link between cancer and the SRC and RAS genes/proteins will be discussed. Biological pathways containing these genes/proteins will be explored. Oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes will be defined. The p53 gene/protein will be used to illustrate a tumor suppressor. Two current examples of cancer immunology will be presented. Finally, the classic paper by Hanahan and Weinberg, “The Hallmarks of Cancer”, will be used to try to tie together clinical trial biological correlatives and cancer biology.
Learning Objectives
Attendees will be able to:
  • Understand how the SRC gene/protein was discovered
  • Understand the function of the SRC protein
  • Understand the main difference between SRC and RAS
  • Understand the function of p53
  • Understand how the alteration of a signaling pathway is associated with cancer
  • Recognize the importance of cancer immunology
  • Recognize the seven hallmarks of cancer
Who Should Attend
Advanced and experienced CDMs, CRAs and biostatisticians.
Meet the Presenter
Tim Breen’s educational background is a Ph.D. in Physiology and M.S. Bioinformatics. He has more than eighteen years’ experience in clinical data management and eleven years of experience in oncology clinical data management. He is currently the Director of Clinical Research Informatics at the Hoosier Cancer Research Network. Prior to coming to the Hoosier Cancer Research Network, he was a Biostatistics Project Coordinator for the Indiana University, Division of Biostatistics. He is a Certified Clinical Data Manager and a Co-Chair of the SCDM Education Committee. 
Earn CEUs
Participants are eligible to receive CEUs upon attendance and successful completion of a web-based assessment within 30 days after the webinar. CEUs are not granted after the 30-day assesment deadline.
SCDM is authorized by IACET to offer 0.2 CEUs for this program.
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