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Managing eCOA Data: Principles and Best Practices




In this webinar, we will discuss the principles of managing eCOA data in clinical trials. We will use experience from real life studies to illustrate how to handle issues clinical data managers typically encounter. Participants will increase their knowledge of how to collect high quality eCOA data and how to conduct an eCOA trial successfully from a clinical data management point of view.  


Learning Objectives

Attendees will :

  • Understand principles and regulations guiding eCOA data management
  • Understand typical scenarios encountered by clinical data managers
  • Learn methods to identify and handle issues in eCOA data


Who Should Attend

Clinical data managers working on eCOA studies (level: intermediate and advanced)


Meet the Presenters

Rauha Tulkki-Wilke, VP Product & Services Management, CRF Health, leads the development of new eCOA (electronic Clinical Outcome Assessment) solutions and services at CRF Health. Rauha has been with CRF Health since it was founded and has more than 1 3 years of experience with all that eCOA encompasses. Rauha holds an MSc in Biophysics and Biomedical Engineering and has a genuine interest in eHealth. Prior to moving to the pharmaceutical sector, she developed solutions for anesthesia management and neonatal intensive care. 


Amy Bradley, Manager Global Data Management, CRF Health. Amy Bradley leads the Data Management team at CRF Health.  Amy has been with CRF Health for 2 years.  Amy has more than 14 years of experience with data collection.  Prior to joining CRF Health, Amy worked with Almac Clinical Services and ICON in their Image Data Collection Division.

Amy holds an MBA from Delaware Valley College and is interested in the eCOA platform, and looks forward to learning and contributing to the data management challenges in the eCOA space.    


Earn CEUs

Participants are eligible to receive CEUs upon attendance and successful completion of a web-based assessment within 30 days after viewing the webinar. CEUs are not granted after the 30-day assesment deadline.

SCDM is authorized by IACET to offer 0.2 CEUs for this program.


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