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SCDM Vendor Webinar Sponsorship Package

SCDM is excited to announce SCDM’s new Vendor Webinar Sponsorship Package.  For a fee of $5,750 your company will have the chance to host a free educational webinar focused on an emerging trend or a new technology.  We hope you will take advantage of this exciting opportunity and join SCDM in its efforts to support clinical data management professionals across the globe.
What your company receives:
  • Company & webinar promotion in SCDM’s network (email to over 12,000 people)
  • Company & webinar promotion in SCDM’s publications: Data Connections (bimonthly) & Data Mart (monthly) - sent to over 12,000 people
  • Company & webinar promotion in SCDM’s social media outlets
    • LinkedIn = 7,000+ members and 650+ followers
    • Facebook = 1,100+ friends
    • Twitter =  560+ followers
  • Recognition in confirmation email after registration (company name, logo & link to your website)
  • Recognition on the webinar page on SCDM’s official website (company name, logo, webinar title and webinar calendar)
  • Contact information of registered attendees list (name, organization and email); maximum of 100 participants per webinar
  • SCDM will manage attendee registration 
Criteria for company:
  • Cost = $5,750/webinar
  • Webinar must be relevant and focus on emerging trends or new technologies; topics must be approved by SCDM
  • To attract an international audience, webinar should be made available at 2 different times (AM & PM) during the day.
  • Company is responsible for coordinating all webinar forum logistics 
  • Company must allow SCDM to post a disclaimer on webinar
If you are interested in hosting a webinar please contact Kathleen Turner at