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CDISC -CDASH: The next generation



The CDISC CDASH data capture standard was initially released in 2008, and was updated in 2010.  This year, a number of different releases are happening.  The CDASH standard version 2.0 will be released, the new CDASH Model version 1.0 will be launched, and the User Guide and related Controlled Terminology will be updated.  

This webinar will discuss what CDISC is, the role of the CDASH products within CDISC’s portfolio of standards, the content of each CDASH product, and how they interrelate.  We’ll provide an illustration of how to use the CDASH products to model existing data, and show how to use CDASH products and other CDISC standards to develop conformant data capture objects for customized data.  We will also discuss the three General Observation Classes from SDTM, how they impact CDASH, and why those using CDASH must be familiar with them.  Finally, we’ll look at a few examples of CRFs that are CDASH conformant but may look very different from the CDASH definitions and even more so from the SDTM structures.  


Learning Objectives

Identify and define the CDASH family of products

Reference the SDTM standards to ensure CDASH data conformity 

Model existing and simple new data for capture using the CDASH products

Participants will better understand the role of CDISC standards in the data capture process, and will have an initial foundation for using CDASH in their studies. 


Who Should Attend:

Beginning, intermediate and advanced data managers and associated programmers will find useful material in this webinar.


Meet the Instructor

Kit Howard, Director of Education, CDISC.

Kit Howard has 30 years of experience in diverse aspects of clinical research, including the development of data and process standards for exploratory through post-marketing clinical trials. She is the currently Director of Education for the Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium (CDISC), which develops global data standards for clinical research in academia, healthcare and industry.  She is a key player in developing data capture and regulatory submission data standards for drug, biologic and medical device research, and designs and produces online and classroom education for the CDISC standards. 


Earn CEUs
Participants are eligible to receive CEUs upon attendance and successful completion of a web-based assessment within 30 days after the webinar. 
SCDM is authorized by IACET to offer 0.2 CEUs for this program.

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